The Happy Hippy Boutique brick and mortar locations are closed

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The Happy Hippy Boutique, LLC is a small destination boutique in Southern New Hampshire. We focus on Fair Trade and US made. We carry clothing, body care, good scents, jewelry, toys, bags, smoking accessories, and other misc. cool stuff. We also display artwork of local artists.

Our mission is as follows:

Foster Good Vibes, Love, Peace, and Happiness

We are a culture and community focused store. Our Bottom line is about you, the people. We understand that business is not about the ones who started it, but that it's about you the people who believe in and support it. We know that without people there is no business. You, the people, will create a strong foundation upon which we will continue to build. From a grassroots level in our local community to the world community we believe and practice giving back to people. We will support our employees. We will promote and support an ever growing number of artists. We are open to and for everyone. We love life and are thankful for the gift of it. We understand that everyone is important and that we are all part of this world. Every person has a right to their own dignity and no one should be denied this. We believe in treating everyone with respect.

We are locally owned.