Smoking Accessories

Below are photos of some of our pipes. Our pipes are US made, including the glass, metal, acrylic, and water pipes. Most wood and all stone accessories are not American made. Click on any image to make it bigger. The cute little green pipe stand is called a Hitstand. It is made of silicone, is heat resistant and protects your pipe and furniture. We carry them in assorted colors. We also carry Bug Rugz and Shellz to protect your favorite glass pipe, grinders at all price points, the Cloud Penz 2.0 & 3.0 Vaporizer, PAX2 Vaporizers, and The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer in addition to other accessories.

Have you heard of "color changing pipes"? Click here to see how a pipe changes color.

Pax Vaporizer Information:

Samples of what you might find:

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