We are not hiring currently, but we do encourage you to apply. If a position opens we will look at the current applications before advertising for an open position.

Our Requirements:

  • You must be at least 21 years old.

  • You need to be a happy person who likes to talk with people.

  • You and your clothes must be neat and clean. Tattoos, dreads, and funky hair colors or cuts are all OK though.

  • We are looking for people who like to work and like to have fun at work.

  • You need to be capable of seeing what needs to be done around the shop and you need to be happy to doing it.

  • Types of things you may do:

    • Sales.

    • Ringing sales.

    • Organizing, dusting, vacuuming, tidying up.

    • Changing displays (creativity required!).

    • Stocking and all that goes with that.

    • Clean glass. We have a lot of glass.

    • You might need to shovel snow right in front of our door during the Winter.

    • This is not a complete list. :-)