Help Wanted At Our North Hampton Location

We are not currently hiring, but you may still apply. We do look at applications first. :-)

You must be 21 years or older to work in the store.

Your primary work responsibility is helping customers and selling. You will be working in the front room as well as the back room. Helping and selling is number one.

When customers are not in the store, the store needs to be cleaned and neatened. We have a lot of glass that needs to be clean. Clothes need to be straightened, Displays should be changed periodically. You may help tag new merchandise and display that merchandise. You may be asked to count merchandise from time to time. These are examples of the kinds of things you will be doing. Even though this sounds like a lot, it really doesn’t typically take your entire day to do these things. As long as your work is done you can craft, read, dance, surf (the web), whatever. However, it is important to us that you understand that our work comes first. When a customer comes in the phone is put down.

Interest and knowledge or the desire to learn about our products is required. We sell a lot of different gemstones. Learning their names and learning to recognize them is not only a lot of fun, but important to us. Lots of customers are interested in knowing “what the stone is good for”. We wrote our own book that covers this information. The information can also be looked up online easily. Personal knowledge of the back room is not required. However, the desire to learn what the products are, what they are for, etc. is very important.

We are open Wednesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm. On Sunday we are open 10am to 5pm. We are closed on Monday and Tuesday. We are looking for 1 full time employee to cover these hours. With open and closing chores, this is a 40 hour a week job. We will consider two part time employees. Opening the store on time is very important to us, as is keeping the store open until close time.

You will be working independently most of the time. This does not mean you are alone. We use electronic communication to communicate between the stores and with the owners. One or both of the owners will drop in a few times a week.

We offer a generous discount to employees. We buy each employee lunch on Fridays, up to $16. We provide direct deposit. We provide access to your payroll records. We do have a handbook which describes all expectations, benefits, etc. We are offering $15/hr. to start.

We understand that this is not a life sustaining job. We envision that this is a really good job for a young person trying to get some good experience and trying to prove that they are reliable and responsible. The job is basically what has been described, however there are more learning opportunities available for the right person. We happily provide good references for good employees. This job may also be just the thing for an older person getting close to retirement or in retirement. If you are on Social Security and can only earn a limited amount of money we will look for two people.