710 Customer Appreciation Day FREE Raffle

The Happy Hippy Boutique is hosting a FREE raffle on July 10, 2018

The rules are pretty simple. 
* Several items are up for raffle and you may enter the raffle for one or all of the items. 
* You may only win once, so once your name is drawn it will be removed from any other drawing. 
* For smoking accessories, you must be 18 years old to enter/win the item. 
* You must pick up the item in one of the two The Happy Hippy locations, Derry and North Hampton, NH. 
* The item must be picked up in person by the person who won the prize. 
* You must have an ID. 
* We will not ship the item and we will not release the item to anyone other than the named winner.
* Items must be picked up by July 24, two weeks after the raffle.
* If you can't pick up within two weeks you may call to ask us to hold the item for up to 2 additional weeks - until August 7,  2018.
* Items not picked up on time will be randomly given away to whomever we feel like giving the item to.
* No exceptions

Thank you so much for being a Happy Hippy. ✌

710 Raffle